updated: 24.07.2023



           Dr.  Tzachi Hagai, the Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research,

           Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University

          Friday May 19 2023, at 04:00PM (Pacific Time)

          VLSB 4110, UC Berkeley


           Dr. Amit Huppert, School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine,

           Tel Aviv University

           Tuesday January 17 2023, at 02:00PM (Pacific Time)

           Berkeley Way West 5101, UC Berkeley



           Prof. Nir Yosef, Department of Systems Immunology, Weizmann Institute of

           Science, and Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC


           Wednesday April 6 2022, at 11:15

           TAU, room 420, Check Point building, School of Computer Science



             Prof. Ran Elkon, Tel Aviv University

            Tuesday, January 26 2021, at  10am PT, 8pm Israel time 



             Dr. Adi Stern, Tel Aviv University

             Prof. Joseph Lewnard, UC Berkeley

            Tuesday, July 7 2020, at  10-11am PT, 8-9pm Israel time 




            Prof. Nir Yosef, UC Berkeley

            Monday, November 25 2019, at 13:00

           TAU, room 120, Sackler building, Medicine Faculty



            Prof. Dorit S. Hochbaum, UC Berkeley

            Wednesday, August 14 2019, at 11:15 

           TAU, room 420, Check Point building, School of Computer Science



            Sydnie Grabell, B.A. in Legal Studies, Pre-Medicine, UC Berkeley

            Thursday, August 1 2019 

           TAU, Faculty of  Medicine



            Dr. Anat Kreimer, UC Berkeley

            Wednesday, July 24 2019, at 11:00 

           TAU, room 201, Faculty of  Medicine



            Prof. Yun S. Song, UC Berkeley

            Monday, June 24 2019, at 11:00 

           TAU, room 315 in the multidisciplinary building



            Prof. Michael I. Jordan, UC Berkeley

            Wednesday, June 5 2019, at 13:00 

           TAU, The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History



             Artem Danilevsky, MSc student, Medicine Faculty, Tel Aviv University

             ​(Advisor: Prof. Noam Shomron)

            Tuesday, May 28 2019, at 15:50 

             Poster presentation, The 6th International Conference on Algorithms for

             Computational Biology, AlCoB 2019, UC Berkeley 



            Prof. John Huelsenbeck, UC Berkeley

            Monday, April 15 2019, at 10:00 

           TAU, Britannia building, 222



            Prof. Michael Shapira, UC Berkeley

            Monday, March 25 2019, at 14:00 

           TAU, Sherman building, 105



            Prof. Roded Sharan, Tel Aviv University

            Tuesday, February 19 2019, at 15:00 

            UC Berkeley, Stanley Hall, 421



            Prof. Ron Shamir, Tel Aviv University

            Thursday, February 14 2019, at 16:00 

            UC Berkeley, 125 Li Ka Shing Center



             Prof. Yu Bin, UC Berkeley

             Thursday, December 20 2018, at 11:10

            TAU, Schreiber building, 309



            Prof. Haiyan Huang, UC Berkeley

            Tuesday, December 18 2018, at 14:00 

           TAU, Schreiber building, 007


























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